Deborah Stote, Ph.D.
Deborah Stote, Ph.D. 

Chronic Stress

High levels of stress can manifest in a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, guilt, nervousness, loneliness, fatigue, illness, insomnia, cognitive dysfunction, increased substance use, feelings of overload, crying spells—the list goes on.  Chronic stress has been linked to immune system suppression, memory problems, and burnout.  Dr. Stote will take an complete inventory of overall stress load, formulate a treatment plan designed to get the client back in balance, and coach them to implement that plan in their daily lives.  Individuals who have undergone this therapy for chronic stress report feeling rejuvenated, serene, and more effective in their careers and families.


What is chronic stress?


Stress occurs when there is pressure to meet the demands of your environment. The demands can be good or bad. For instance, individuals rate a new job AND getting fired as highly stressful--distinctly different events, yet each places high demands on our psychological and physical resources. Chronic stress is the result of one’s life being a series of highly stressful situations, or when someone undergoes prolonged emotional pressure—particularly when the perception is that they have no control over these situations. For a more in depth explanation of stress and how chronic stress can underlie physical illness go to The American Institute of Stress website.  

Go to The American Institute of Stress website

Stress can occur when the demands of a situation exceed the perceived resources that an individual believes they have to meet those demands.























The day-in-day-out pressures, uncertainty, and demands of the workplace are perhaps the most common sources of chronic stress. 

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